Just the Saturday that had passed, Sam got a facebook notification from Winter Kate Facebook that the photograph she submitted had made it into their Look of the Week and is being featured on Nicole Richie’s blog. It was a shot from my 21st Birthday Editorial - with me wearing Winter Kate’s Tilapia Blouse and an array of rings from House of Harlow 1960.

When I saw it, I just thought effervescently: OH MY GOD NICOLE RICHIE SAW MY FACE, SHE KNOWS THAT I EXIST. I honestly keep going back to the page just to look at how my face was appearing right next to Nicole Richie’s on her website. This is insane. This is not normal. This is BWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA!

And of course things will not stop at that. Now Sam wants to be the one to get her photograph with her in it to be featured on Nicole Richie’s blog. I mean, every girl has her own celebrity dreams and Sam is really a big fan of Winter Kate and House of Harlow.

My ego has been boosted, but thank god it only lasts for a week. We’re now working on getting a photograph of Sam featured the next time round - well, we’ll see how things goes - it’ll be all over our facebook when we do!

Scattered Boats, On the Road (Last of Day 3)
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Horse Carriages, On the Road (Day 3)
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Self outside Citadel, Alexandria (Day 3)
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Citadel by the Mediterranean Sea, Alexandria (Day 3)

Stray Kitten, On the Road (Day 3)
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